ROD ORGAN 1947 - 2007

It is with deep regret that we have to announce the sudden death of Rod Organ on Friday 31st August 2007. I am sure the thoughts of his many friends and collectors will be with his wife Maureen and family at this difficult time.

Andrew Prince
1st September 2007

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I have owned a Motorcycle of some sort for over 40 years, at least 50 bikes.
I have worked on motorcycles as a mechanic (first class) in the British army.
At present I own a Yamaha XT600 Tenere and a BMW R80 G/S both adapted for Adventure motorcycling.
In February 2003 I rode the Tenere through Senegal and Mali in West Africa.
I regularly attend race meetings and the Isle of Man TT and in 1999 completed a roads closed lap of the TT course as official TTRA artist in the Classic parade, riding the 500cc Suzuki that won the production race in the year I started as a professional Motorcycle artist,1970.
Motorcyclist? I'm one of you.

Know your pictures

If you are new to the picture game, the following information may help you in what to look for and what to avoid.

Fine Art - Genuine Strictly Limited Edition Prints

1 A limited edition must state, in print, the number of copies in the edition; in addition it will be signed & numbered by the artist.

NB A print, even if numbered & signed by the artist is not a genuine limited edition unless the number of prints in the edition is actually printed onto the paper (usually on the base of the print)

2 All prints in the edition must be produced with a single print run (+10% for proofs)

NB Printing in batches of 100, five times, is not a genuine limited edition of 500 as not all prints were produced together.

3 All printing plates and film must be destroyed after the edition has been printed.
4 Proofs : Usually 10% in addition to the main edition

AP Proofs : Artists Proofs - signed & numbered by the artist (i.e. AP 1/35 - No 1 proof of 35)

HC Proofs : Used to show galleries etc. Numbered - sometimes signed.

CP Proofs : Final print before plates are destroyed. Numbered - sometimes signed.

Open Editions

As name suggests, picture can be reprinted again & again in any size or format - may or may not be signed, can be produced in any quality also.

NB Our open editions are produced to the same highest standards as our limited editions.


Produced in all sorts of paints & mediums

Oil Paintings

Can be painted onto canvas, canvas board, wood board, almost anything in fact, as long as it is primed correctly.

We have heard of some oil paintings being painted onto unprimed watercolour paper. If you have bought one of these, best of luck! The paint will start falling off pretty quickly. Avoid!

Our original work these days is painted onto double primed & sanded heavyweight board which does not flex and gives a very rigid, permanent base. With care our pictures should last centuries.

The quality you get from Motorbike Art

All prints, open & limited editions are printed on heavyweight 300 gsm fine art, acid free paper using lightfast (non-fade) inks. Printing is to Fine Art Guild trade standards by one of the UK's leading fine art printers. Photographic copy from the original painting is by a specialist flat artwork photographer.

I oversee all stages of the process - personally - from original painting to putting your print into its tube and walking to the post office to send it on its way to you.



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